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Are you looking for a few easy, natural remedies for taking health care of your skin? Improving the appearance and feel of your skin layer usually commences with your diet – by sipping lots of water and eating healthy foods, while moderating the amount of sweet drinks and snacks you consume. The winter season can sap your epidermis of its auto-regenerative properties, adding years to your tone. To counter these results, the Powercell mask is ideal: twice as concentrated as a serum, it reduces the signs of ageing on your face, and provides constant hydration for 48 hours for glowing and healthy-looking skin area. Your appearance is firmer and smoother as well as your pores are minimized – you look radiant!
It’s best to exfoliate after toning and before moisturizing. Most dermatologists concur that you should exfoliate one to three times a week, but this depends on your skin layer type and exactly how it reacts to exfoliation. Experiment and discover what is most effective for you. You can find chemical type exfoliators and granule exfoliators such as your traditional sugar or sodium scrub. Both can be effective tools for taking away dead skin skin cells, but substance exfoliating ingredients like AHA and BHA are often far better in getting deep into the pores and getting rid of buildup.
Often called endocrine disruptors , a few of these chemicals’ molecular set ups resemble natural estrogen so tightly that they fit into the same receptors in the torso. They either bind to these receptors – so your own hormones don’t work like they’re likely to – and turn genes on / off, amplify the negative aspects of estrogen, or travel to the skin cells’ nucleus, where they exert a negative influence on chromosomes or DNA.LOOKING AFTER Your Face Skin
Your mission, should you choose to accept it: Set aside a few hours over the weekend (or a Monday night, when you can swing action it), slather on a moisturizing nose and mouth mask like Kiehl’s Algae Masque , $27, and have a hot bubble bathtub. Once you’ve surfaced from your Mr. Bubble-induced bliss, wash off of the mask and moisturize with face cream or essential oil. You’ll be surprised at how calming your own bathroom can be!
Another great technique for softer hands is a paraffin wax treatment. I really like doing this! Quite simply you regularly dip your hands directly into warm wax (warm, not hot wax!) and build-up a jacket of very soft wax around your hands. You allow wax harden and then slip on these large mittens to retain in the warmth. When the wax has completely cooled around your hands you just split it off and you are left with soft, easy hands.

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